About the Author


Magical Fantasy Maestro

I grew up in Pirongia, a small village in the Waikato Region of New Zealand. Seen by some as a problem child, I still live at home with my long-suffering parents while trying to overcome my terminal addiction to chocolate.
My genre of choice is fantasy but with COMPLEXITY! So, my characters are lively and likely to have hidden agendas, while my love of ancient history compels me to interweave my plots with legendary relics and ruins from a bygone age that could hold the key to solving my protagonists’ predicaments. I have also crafted an extensive back story to the Era of Zether series that’s only on this website to give readers the satisfaction of a richer context than my editor would sanction.
I have meticulously planned the plots for the overall series, so watch out for tiny clues early on which will tie into the bigger picture as the story progresses.