Book 2: The Fallen Hero


Kasukahn cannot accept Hyranmirine...

"I have waited for this for a very long time, back when it became apparent that you would stand in my way. At last, with your death I will have the justice I desire!"

Months have passed since Hyranmirine Jyrus-Rejalduiq drove the magical sword Zabre into the heart of her ghastly foe, the Masked King, but peace has not returned to Kasukahn. A summons from the Guardians and a fiery encounter with foes from her father's past drives Hyranmirine and her family into a desperate conflict, unaware the Dark Wizard Valvix Dernvinerva has set his vengeance into motion by awakening an ancient evil that not even he can control. With ancient enemies and false allies poised to strike at her, Hyranmirine must learn who she can trust and who she must be to the people around her.


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