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Not Out of Fear

The enemies of the icy Northern World have at last been defeated and the kingdom is slowly and reluctantly transitioning from a military based society to one where merchant traders are assuming importance. But from out of the snow comes an infernal figure, the Masked King, a pyromancer who desires nothing less than the destruction of the entire Northern World. Hyranmirine, the young daughter of a leading warrior family, learns of this powerful enemy and resolves to slay him to prove herself, but with hundreds of warriors and a far more worthy hero competing against her, how can she vanquish this creature with virtually no skill to her name? By an incredible fluke, a wizard pledges his assistance, but things go awry for Hyranmirine in more ways than one when he turns out to be arguably the most deceitful and dissolute wizard in existence.

Not Out if Fear is an epic book - impossible to put down and full of plot twists to keep your adrenaline pumping right to the end. This is a must read for anyone who loves fantasy.
— Nikita Lyons
To some, the highlights of this book will undoubtedly be its powerful battle scenes between masters of wizardry, earthly elements and swordsmanship (or -womanship!). While these are vivid and worthy parts to the story, its themes of politics, pride and loyalty were so well told through the quiet exchanges between characters, leaving space for the author’s wit and perceptiveness - that there could have been fewer instances of bloodshed and it would have been just as good (whether that would be realistic for such a world, I’m not sure). As we get to know the central characters, Jonathan’s humour is what draws you in - it is a great counter-talent to the depictions of combat, often lightening the mood just in time. There is a real charm to many of the central characters, namely Lyk, Vaspierre and even Hyranmirine; though at times she reminded me of the exasperating Cheryl Strayed in Wild! I really enjoyed the way in which their relationships shifted over the course of their journey. I would have liked to see Hyranmirine on the cover, but that is a personal preference.

- Amanda Rogers
Thanks for sending me Jonathan’s first written masterpiece. Congratulations! I’d say fans of magical fantasy will enjoy Hyranmirine’s adventure. Jonathan’s love for imaginative detail is absolutely palpable, and makes the storyline a vivid and sophisticated one. Seems to be his genre. Very well done! Here’s to a successful publication!!!
— K. Kutschbach
This is a fast-paced exciting story.
The characters are unpredictable and inspiring. My favourite character was a young woman who is trying hard to make her own choices and way in the world in spite of the difficult men in her family.
This is a great read for anyone who loves reading fantasy. It is suitable for readers from age 12 to adult.
I can’t wait to read the next book in the series to see what happens next.

- Badi Hancock (age 12)
What a titanic struggle between warriors and wizards. All combatants wielding diverse weapons and powers. It’s non-stop action, played out on the scale of a Tolkien-like ‘Northern World.
Who prevails? What does fate dictate for the heroine? When will the dark-power arise?
I can’t wait for Book 2 from Jonathan.

- Rob Shannon