Dernvinerva Clan

Formerly a warrior clan founded by Talagadar Dernvinerva, in the late days of the First Elven War, the Dernvinervas switched to magic almost immediately once they received magical crystals. This began a power struggle as the human wizards tried desperately and clumsily to outpower each other, but Talagadar used his warrior discipline and military knowledge to formulate more effective ways of using magic crystals.

For the next few hundred years, the reputation of the Dernvinerva family and their magical abilities grew, and with their power, they soon had command of every wizard tower across the land. But relationships between the Guardians and the Dernvinerva Clan became strained. Falvrick Dervinerva tried to set up his own state where wizards were sole rulers and all others their subjects as part of his vision of creating a powerful realm based on knowledge of the magical arts. He even changed the banner of his house to a crystal set in gold, his choice of symbol for his new realm. The Guardians denied his request after Reshyurnlorn Ghul-Azay was assassinated and the elves were blamed. This led to the passing of laws that made it impossible for wizards to claim land, leaving Falvrick no choice but to abandon his dreams.

In more recent history, Sandimorgia Dernvinerva began experiments that threatened the current power order.  He was tired of the limitations of the magic crystals and wanted to create the elixir of magic, which would transform human blood so it was capable of holding magic. The Guardians knew if he did this he would be next to unstoppable, for neutralizing crystals are ineffective on magical blood. Sandimorgia was stripped of his resources and holdings, tried for conspiracy on trumped up charges of trying to illegally acquire land and was exiled to the Northern World. As he left, he defiantly swore final vengeance on the Guardians, even if he would not live to see it.

Jyrus-Rejalduiq Clan

The Jyrus-Rejalduiq Clan emerged shortly after the founding of the Northern World. It began with Salvaldion Talgran, a lowly soldier from a lowly family. Following his leader, Yunne Ledomorius, to the Northern World, they found the area infested with various dangerous beasts, including a monster named Gyraityar, Scourge of the Brave. After dozens of warriors fell at the hands Gyraityar, Yunne decided to face off against this creature, taking several companions as backup, including Salvaldion. After over a day of fighting, Gyraityar was killed by a lethal blow inflicted by Salvaldion. Yunne threw a great feast in his honor, during which he was awarded High-Warrior status and the Jyrus-Rejalduiq name. Salvaldion took the name which also came with a title and responsibilities. Needing a symbol for his new house, he painted the Horns of Gyraityar on his shield and this has been used as the family’s symbol ever since. Over the years, the Jyurs-Rejalduiq clan has been well known for churning out some of the most skilled warriors of the Northern World, and as a result, almost all of this line of warriors has held a chair on the Great Twenty-One at some point in time.