The Three Heroes

After realizing that whoever sent Azmorious to ravage their Kingdom was fast approaching, the King of the Ancient Kingdom sent out a call for help for heroes to help defend the realm. Before long, a warrior, wizard and rogue appeared to answer the call, but these three were not of the usual stock - they had advanced armor and weapons beyond anything that was possible at the time. They also all had the ability to cast magic, even though they were all humans (according to most versions of the legend) and they were all immune to the mental effects of some of the servants of the King of Evil.

Tier was the name of the warrior; his courage and strength inspired the soldiers of the Kingdom to fight against impossible odds and win. Karisa was the rogue, in most versions of the legend he is a man, but some refer to her (wrongly) as a woman; his cunning and skill allowed him to outwit the forces of evil. The wizard was named Almerdos Drerk and his power over magic could shake and shape the continent. After more than a year of fighting against the hordes of evil brethren, they at last caught sight of the King of Evil and pursued him. While Tier and Almerdos took him on directly, Karisa managed to steal the all-powerful sword of the King of Evil from right out of his hand. Trapping him atop the peak of Evil they fought the King of Evil and slew him, ending his threat and scattering his army across the continent. For several years to come they hunted down and killed most of the stragglers before disappearing from public record.

The Mask

The Future is never certain, but this mask, origin unknown, grants some certainty for uncertain events, and whoever wears this mask has precognitive properties. When this mask is worn, possibilities become visible in the eyes of its wielder, but none of these possibilities are instantly confirmable as the true future. Zether has been searching for the mask for some time. The mask only grants visions when worn, not held, and given its nature to see possible future events, it is believed that the wizard of time Eldoremorn Ageracer Hourlon created the mask.



Zabre is unusual among swords, not just for its black blade, but for somehow being able to be used for all sorts of magic without the need of a crystal being embedded in either its hilt or blade. Some people have drawn parallels between Zabre and Windblast, the sword that Bauridyr Lenos Gallos uses, but do not think they have the same forger. Celhlion recovered the sword from a lake located somewhere in the region of Tugrahda and according to him, the sword was guarded by a spirit that told him that a pure heart is needed to wield the weapon. Celhlion claimed the sword after he ignored the spirit and dived into the lake, discovering the sword accepted him regardless, or so he said.