A personal servant of the King of Evil, he has not been seen in many years. This has led many to believe he is dead. His powers are unknown.

Dahl the Vampire

Returning from the depths of pre-Era of Zether history is this dark being. Dedicated servant of the King of Evil and the only known Vampire in the entire world, Dahl is one of the most powerful monsters in history, recent or ancient. Eternally youthful and unslayable by most means, Dahl dines on blood regularly and has such magical and mental power that it has been claimed that simply being around him can have terrible effects on the mind. His current ambitions are unknown; however, he is free to pursue whatever they may be given that his master has been long dead since before the dawn of the era.

Dahlarius Ovidius Nero

Once a brave and noble captain of an ancient Kingdom, he was cut down by the King of Evil and resurrected as a Vampire, the only one in the world. The sole purpose of his creation was to save his new master by allowing him to time travel. Despite his formidable powers, he was defeated by Hyranmirine and then slain by Valvix, who absorbed his vampire powers and became a Vampire himself.


Eldoremorn Ageracer Hourlon

Real Name: Lost to history.

Age: Eternal, but has the appearance of being less than twenty summers old.

Race: Human.

Nationality: Could be from the Hemnan Empire.

Height: Never recorded.

Weight: Never recorded.

Hair Color: Black/Gray/Silver/White.

Eye Color: Any.

Skin Color: Pale.

Ambition: Satisfaction.

Time is noted as being one of the most powerful of magics, with the obvious ability of being able to speed up or slow down the amount of time needed to perform certain tasks. But it is also the most complex of charisms, so imagine the surprise of wizard-kind when they learned of a wizard for whom time was just a tool, one that extended his lifespan to unimaginable length while keeping his youth and charms. As a result, this magical enigma has long been searched for by the Emperors of the Hemnan Empire so they can acquire his eternal youth. Alas for them, he has proven elusive. His far-flung appearances suggest he is a master of lightning magic, as well as time magic, and that he is capable of moving faster than the eye can see.



Age: Could be thousands of years old by now.

Race: Believed extinct.

Hair Color: Orange, with some gray.

Eye Color: Orange.

Skin Color: Olive Brown.

Nationality: Lost to the passage of years.

Religion: Nersoisim is founded around him.

Height: Never measured.

Weight: Levitates constantly, so weight irrelevant.

Ambition: Hope.

Credited as the Creator (or discoverer) of magic, much that is known about Nerso is supplied by Zether, who claims that some of the oldest elves personally knew Nerso, and even helped him with creating magic. According to Zether, Nerso formed magic as a counterpoint to a great threat that he has so far refused to elaborate on. Nerso also created nearly every spell in existence, then had most of them locked behind magical seals to prevent their misuse. Despite Zether claiming that Nerso is not a god, that has not stopped Nerso from being the deity of his own religion. Indeed, human and elven wizards around the continent and beyond worship him as the great bringer of knowledge and magic (especially as they were not going to worship Zether, obviously). A lot of wizards believe that Nerso did not die, but left the world to prepare an afterlife for the deserving, which would include them as they are the smartest, wisest and most magical of all kind.



Yunne Ledomorius

Age: Dead.

Race: Human.

Hair Color: According to some stories, it was green?!

Eye Color: Purple.

Skin Color: Pale.

Nationality: Ledomorius Tribe Chieftain, later King and founder of the Northern World.

Religion: Worshiped the old warrior spirits in the times before Brotherisim.

Height: Exaggerated.

Weight: Exaggerated.

Ambition: Home.

Founder of the Northern World, defender of Kral, and hero of the first elven war are all apt descriptions for Yunne Ledomorius. Born and raised to be leader of the Ledomorius warrior tribe, Yunne was one of the first to accept Reshyurnlorn as the Leader of the Guardians and follow his ideals. He did his part in the first elven war, defending Kral with a force of a few hundred humans against thousands of elves in a victory that went down in history, immortalising him as one of the greatest commanders and heroes of all of Humankind. He fought alongside Reshyurnlorn and the rest of the Guardians as they charged through the elven forces and right into Glimmering Point. But Yunne did not have a say in the fate of Zether as he stayed outside the Palace of Zether to prevent the elves from helping their leader. When he later learned that the other Guardians spared Zether, he argued that Reshyurnlorn was right - Zether would just attack humanity again in the future. But by this point they were outside the Elven Dominion and there was nothing he could do about it. Disgusted, Yunne returned to his warrior tribe and led it into the North, while his rival, Rothbern Aligaro, headed Northwest to found the Kingdom of Vanziel. Yunne Ledomorius came upon an ancient city, and in the center of it, he declared that this land would become his own Kingdom, the Kingdom of the Northern World! As the city of Kasukahn was built around him, he established his government, the warrior trials, and helped refugees displaced by the war to find new homes. His exact date of death has been lost to history, but before he died, he warned his fellow warriors that Zether would, one day, start another Elven War - a warning that would come true.