Era of Zether Timeline, as recorded by Lehidmornis, Chronicler of the Guardians.

Last Updated on 700 EOZ

•        0 EOZ - The Birth of Zether Palsu-Ral, the Era of Mysteries comes to a close.

Zether Palsu-Ral is born into the Elven Dominion of Lakam.

•        10 EOZ - The Talmagata warrior tribe is wiped out when their island sinks beneath the waves.

In one of the many reminders that nature can be a powerful force, the entire warrior tribe of Talmagata is wiped out when the yet nameless island they inhabited becomes submerged under the waters of the Nerrs Sea.

•        12 EOZ - Zether begins to travel the world.  He stows away on a ship which is later hijacked by pirates.

Zether stows away on board a departing ship, hoping to reach a new land, only to find out later that the ship is going on a simple, round the continent trading journey. The ship is later attacked by pirates and Zether is pressed into piracy.

•        14 EOZ - Zether becomes King of Pirates, he builds a ship powered by magic crystals 'the Bright Arrow'.

Using his powerful magic and knowledge in the field of the arcane, Zether overthrows the Pirate King (name unknown). He builds the ‘Bright Arrow', a ship powered by magical crystals that allows the ship to sail further and faster without wind.

•        19 EOZ - The ‘Bright Arrow' sails out of known sea.

Zether and his crew sail out of known waters, and historians have not been able to ascertain where they went.

•        45 EOZ - The Elven Dominion of Lakam is destroyed by the armies of men, leaving Zether the only Lakam Elf alive.

Spurred on by Valdivion Ghul-Azay, armies from the Kingdom of Nightriver invade and exterminate the Lakam Elves under charges of 'treason'.

•        48 EOZ - Zether returns home in his ship, bitter at both the world of men and Nerso.

Zether finally returns home, where he learns of the destruction of his kin. He becomes bitter and driven to punish the world of men, believing Nerso made the 'wrong choice' entrusting men with the potential to use magic.

•        50 EOZ - Zether seizes power among elves.

As discrimination against the elves rises, Zether convinces the leaders of the Minus, Wood and Cloud Elves to surrender control to him in exchange for protection.

•        51 EOZ - The Elven Dominion of Zetheri is founded at Glimmering Point.

Upon constructing the Palace of Palsu in a single hour, Zether erects a wall to isolate Glimmering Point, and names the land he claimed as the Dominion of Zetheri.

•        60 EOZ - The Troll Kingdom of Drong-Thul is destroyed.

Valdivion Ghul-Azay incites the armies from the Kingdom of Nightriver to invade and destroy the Troll Kingdom of Drong-Thul.

•        65 EOZ - Valdivion Ghul Azay is slain trying to claim the Kingdom of Westdale.

Valdivion Ghul-Azay, drunk with victory over his slaughter of Trolls and Elves and overwhelmed by his own pride and sense of superiority, tries to become ruler of the Kingdom of Westdale by way of revolution. So convinced of his own invincibility, he lessens security to dare Westdale to challenge him, and ends up being slain by an assassin sent by the Guild of Shadows.

•        86 EOZ - The Kingdom of Westdale falls.

Traovious Ghul-Azay, in revenge for the death of his father, brings about the fall of Westdale by allying himself with the remnants of Drong-Thul and launching a clandestine attack.

•        100 EOZ - First Elven War Begins. Zether sparks the war by aggressively invading the Grove of Love.

After nearly 52 years of nurturing his hatred, Zether begins the first of his elven wars by invading the Grove of Love with an armed force of over 100,000 elves.

•        135 EOZ - The Necromancers Coven is destroyed.

Wizards practicing the now elusive art of Necromancy are found to be alive near the Lightning-Struck Mountain. An army of warriors from Turmurin swiftly destroys them and their castle is left ruined.

•        177 EOZ - Zether causes such destruction to the Grove of Love that it becomes the Life Desert.

After seventy-seven years of watching his soldiers fight, Zether enters the fray himself and breaks the seal on the 'Blast Zone' spell. Using a mass of magical energy gathered in magic crystals, Zether powers the 'Blast Zone' spell up enough to render the entire grove a smoldering wasteland. Eventually, the land began to slowly recover and was named the Life Desert.

•        178 EOZ - The Guardians are founded by Reshyurnlorn Ghul-Azay as a clan of warriors dedicated to protection against Zether.

After the creation of the Life Desert, Reshyurnlorn Ghul-Azay decides that he can no longer look away from the threat of Zether his ancestors created. Gathering the Southern Kingdoms and the Warrior Tribes, Reshyurnlorn forms 'the Guardians' as a union of warriors bound to the ideal of protecting the continent against Zether.

•        180 EOZ - The Battle of Kral, Yunne Ledomorius wins against an overwhelming elven force.

At Kral, Yunne Ledomorius leads a small force of men against a much larger army of elven forces. Yunne pulls off an amazing victory that results in the elven force being driven back.

•        182 EOZ - First sighting of the Gray Raven.

A Giant Gray Raven is sighted flying over the mountains of Merrs Range; further sightings of such a bird would be recorded for the next few hundred years.

•        185 EOZ - First Elven War Ends.  Zether is forced to provide magic crystals to humanity.

Fighting all the way to the Palace of Palsu, Zether is defeated by the four-way alliance of the Guardians, the Desert Kingdoms, the Southern Kingdoms and the Hemnan Imperia. However, before Reshyurnlorn can kill Zether, Zether cuts a deal with the other leaders, promising them the ability to use magic in exchange for his life. Reshyurnlorn protests this, saying that Zether will simply attack them again eventually, but the others do not listen and Zether plants several huge magic crystals across the continent for their use.

•        186 EOZ - Humans that are incompatible with magic are discovered.  They are named 'Dark Humans' by Zether.

A group of humans are discovered to be completely unable to use magic, and also be completely unharmed by it. Zether names these kinds of humans 'Dark Humans' for the light of magic does not bless them. The Guardians are quick to add these beings to their ranks.

•        187 EOZ - The Wood Elves split off from Zether and reform the Woodi Dominion.

Perhaps out of fear of eventually being destroyed in the next elven war, the entire Wood Elf race splits off from Zether and forms the Woodi Dominion. Zether does nothing to stop them from leaving, the Wood Elves plant their forests all over the continent and all but retreat from the rest of the world.

•        190 EOZ - The Northern World is founded by Yuune Ledomorius.

Yunne Ledomorius, hero of the First Elven War, founds the Northern World, a Kingdom of Warriors.

•        200 EOZ - Vanziel is founded by Rothbern Aligaro.

Rothbern Aligaro, rival to Yuune Ledomorius, founds the Kingdom of Vanziel where Westdale was. Unlike the Northern World, it was not intended to be a warrior kingdom.

•        202 EOZ - The Northern World joins the Guardians.

The Northern World is sworn in as a Guardian State, and to this day is said to be the most civilized of the Guardians States.

•        203 EOZ - Mahalak claims dominion over the Desert Kingdoms.  He is named 'the Masked King' then splits Lakamatisim into two halves, Greater Lakamatisim and Lesser Lakamatisim.

Guided by powerful visions brought about by a mask, Mahalak claims that the religion of Lakamatisim is wrong. When he is denounced as a heretic, he somehow manages to overthrow all three of the Desert Kingdoms. Named 'the Masked King', he divides Lakamatisim into two halves.

•        204 EOZ - Gwondmont, tower of the Guardians, is constructed.

Built into the Lightning-Struck Mountain, Gwondmont serves as the Stronghold of the Guardians, with the King of Kings of the Turmurins being formally elected as ruler.

•        205 EOZ - The Holy City of Greater Lakamatisim, Gwrvorian, is constructed.

After a daunting construction period, Gwrovrian, Holy City of Greater Lakamatisim, is constructed inside the Southern Mountain border of the Life Desert.

•        211 EOZ - The Ishmaki race arrives from across the sea, and quickly settle on a group of islands east of the Southern Kingdoms.

The Ishmaki arrive from across the Tidal Ocean, bringing with them expertise in metalworking thought only known to the dwarfs. The story about how they arrived on the continent varies, with one story claiming they rode their horses over the ocean, and other story claiming they froze the sea and walked over it.

•        218 EOZ - The idea of a realm solely for wizards and scholars, 'Limifomia' is presented to the Guardians by Falvrick Dernvinerva.

An ambitious wizard, Falvrick Dernvinerva proposes the idea of a realm 'Limifomia' solely for wizards and scholars  to the Guardians, which would be locate on the site of the abandoned Nercromance coven.

•        220 EOZ - Reshyurnlorn Ghul-Azay is assassinated, the elves are suspected, and the focus of the Guardians begins to shift from defense against Zether to control.

In an act which is publicly declared to have been perpetrated by the elves, Reshyurnlorn Ghul-Azay is slain in his own manor. With his death comes a drastic change in Guardian policy with the aim of making sure the King of Kings is never assassinated again.

•        221 EOZ - The Guardians pass an edict that states a middle or noble class status is a requirement for a family name.

Although the exact reason for the edict is unknown, the Guardians declare that one has to be of middle or noble class status in order to have a family name, at least, for one of their subjects. It is believed this edict was passed in order to encourage people to train and fight harder in an attempt to win higher privileges, but again, the exact reason has been lost to history.

•        222 EOZ - The Guardians pass an edict which makes it impossible for wizards to claim land. The idea of Limifomia is abandoned.

On the verge of granting the request of Falvrick Dernvinerva, the Guardians pass an edict which makes it impossible for wizards to claim land, on the ground of preventing 'another dictatorial society where wizards rule, just like the elves'. Falvrick is left with no choice but to bury his dreams of Limifomia.

•        225 EOZ - The Guardians pass an edict that states that all non-human races are to be excluded from the Guardians.

Fuelled by pro-human sentiment, the Guardians pass an edict which makes the Guardians a human-only organization.  The Ishmaki, dark humans and all kinds of elf are now excluded from ever being a member of the Guardians, and all of their kind are expelled from their lands. The edict also excludes Dwarfs from being in the Guardians, even though they have not been seen in many an age. As a result of this proclamation, the Ishmaki withdraw their metalworking services, causing the secrets of making advanced armor to be lost to the Guardians.

•        227 EOZ - The Guardians declare a 'Hunt of Dragii’ against the Troll race.

Malgurthas Turmurin is attacked by a troll while personally training Guardian recruits. Outraged, he declares the 'Hunt of Dragii' against the troll race.

•        229 EOZ - The Helmet of Tier is discovered in a troll hoard, prompting the Guardians to begin searching for the rest of the Tier Relics.

While exterminating trolls, a troll hoard is unearthed and a helmet which is quickly proven to belong to Tier is discovered. The Guardians lose no time make finding the rest of the Relics a priority. Collectors and treasure hunters join the search.

•        240 EOZ - Trolls are completely exterminated from Guardian Territories.

Almost immediately after the anti non-human edict is passed, an extermination campaign against the trolls begins. Fifteen years later, over 10,000 trolls flee Guardian territory, the rest are killed.

•        248 EOZ - The Hemnan Empire converts to Greater Lakamatisim after the mission of the Prophet Garhlan to the Empire.

Although the Hemnan empire worshiped the Dragons for as long as anyone could remember and tolerated other faiths, Emporer Halrathkor II officially made Greater Lakamatisim the religion of the Empire after the Prophet Garhlan completed his mission to the Empire. The Day that Greater Lakamatisim was officially declared as the state religion of the Empire was also made the Feast Day of Garhlan, which is celebrated annually to this day.

•        260 EOZ - The Ghul-Azay family begins to fall out of prosperity.

Brandalor Ghul-Azay is usurped from his position as King of Kings of the Turmurins and leader of the Guardians. Instead of being killed, he is sent into exile along with his family as a 'reward' for what Reshyurnlorn had done, but not his wealth is not sent with him. The Ghul Azay family falls into obscurity as a result.

•        280 EOZ - Second Elven War Begins, Zether sparks the war by ringing the Bell of Thunder and invading the Life Desert. Chronicler Malthiodir declares the Era of Zether.

As correctly predicted by Reshyurnlorn, Zether starts a second war against humanity. Exactly one hundred years after the end of the previous elven war, Zether rings the Bell of Thunder, rendering all magic crystals unusable for a year. He then commands his armies to invade the Life Desert. The Chronicler of the Guardians, Malthiodir, declares that they are trapped in the Era of Zether. The nations on the continent agree and state themselves that the Era began when Zether was born.

•        299 EOZ - Sandimorgia Dernvinerva tries and fails to create the Elixir of Magic. Accused of illegally trying to create Limifomia, Sandimorgia is exiled to the Northern World.

Finding the limitations of the magic crystals too much to bear, Sandimorgia Dernvinerva tries to create the Elixir of Magic, a mystical potion that would transform the blood of a human body into a substance that could hold magic just like elven blood. Although he comes close, the Guardians exile him and his family to the Northern World on the grounds he is illegally trying to create Limifomia, but not before Sandimorgia swears vengeance on the Guardians. Stuck in the Northern World and without the means to continue his research, he fails and ultimately gives up.

•        299.5 EOZ - A New magical creature, the Vampire, is discovered.

That same year, an ancient tome is found, which describes a creature known as the Vampire, which is a man turned into a magical creature that is immortal and boasts near-unrivalled magical powers but feels an unceasing thirst for blood. The Guardians order a search for this creature.

•        282-7 EOZ - The Existence of the Guild of Shadows is exposed.

In an event that historians disagree on which exact year it happened, rumours and whispers began to speak of a Guild of Shadowones: agents who killed, stole and investigated in the name of anyone who could pay them. Not long afterwards, a member of the Guardians claimed that the Guild of Shadows, as they preferred to be called, was in the pocket of the Supreme Seven, helping them with the wars by supplying intelligence and killing elven captains.

•        317 EOZ  -The Battle of Gwrvorian occurs, in which over 300,000 casualties are recorded, elves and humans alike.

The Elven army marches up to Gwrvorian, and the ensuing battle has the highest casualty in recorded history. So great was the bloodshed that purifying the land outside the holy city afterwards too years.

•        341 EOZ - The Varlosoar Prophecy is discovered and locked away in the Guardian Archieves.

While undergoing a routine warrior initiation ceremony, a giant stone slab is discovered containing disturbing information. This stone slab is dubbed 'the Varlosoar Prophecy' as the prophecy was created by Eldoremourn Ageracer Hourlon for Belidof Varlosoar. The stone slab was taken to the Guardian Archives and locked away, to prevent the exact nature of the prophecy from becoming known.

•        350 EOZ - Second Elven War Ends, the Cloud Elves split off from Zether and reform the Cloudi Dominion. The Zetheri Dominion is renamed the Minusi Dominion.

While the elves are distracted by besieging Gwondmont for 20 years, the Southern Kingdoms collectively launch a surprise attack on the Elven Dominion by sailing around the continent and launching a direct attack on Glimmering Point. Zether offers a mass of wizard-made gold in exchange for peace, the Kingdoms accept and the Minus Elves withdraw into the Elven Dominion. But the Cloud elves unexpectedly board ships and leave the dominion altogether, tired of war. They eventually settle on what is now Cloud Elf Island and reform the Cloudi Dominion, leaving the Zetheri Dominion to be renamed the Minusi Dominion.

•        360 EOZ - The Desert Kingdoms convert from Greater Lakamatisim to Draco-Divinisim.

Converts from Ishmaki lands bring dragon worship to the Desert Kingdoms.  Although the gradual change takes years, the religion takes root and replaces Greater Lakamatisim as the state religion. People still worship Greater Lakamatisim today, but the Holy City is the only place left on the continent that still has proper places of worship.

•        367 EOZ - The Silver Swords begin operating.

A group of Cloud Elves form a mercenary group known as the 'Silver Swords'. Led by Kirrion Abown-Evert, they make a name for themselves in the Southern Kingdoms, fighting monsters and helping to quell rebellions.

•        370 EOZ - The Southern Kingdoms convert to Lesser Lakamatisim.

Although Lesser Lakamatisim has always being tolerated in the Life Desert, after the conversion of Draco-Divinisim, the Lakamities are ousted from the Life Desert and settle in the Southern Kingdoms, converting them to their faith.

•        373 EOZ - Stories of 'the Vain', a mysterious hero clad in black, begin circulating.

Following destruction of an elven slave camp, the escaped slaves tell stories about a man clad in black armor who rescued them. He goes on to liberate more slaves, but most quickly end up recaptured. This hero is named 'the Vain', for his attempts to help people rarely yield positive results.

•        401 EOZ - The Guardians adopt the belief of 'Brotherism', the Southern Kingdoms leave the Guardians.

In response to the growing number of faiths, the Guardians form the sect of Brotherism, a philosophy where warriors come first, and that proving one’s strength is the sole purpose of existence. Under this philosophy, the Guardians become more cruel towards their lessers, and the Southern Kingdoms, in protest, leave the Guardians. Minor skirmishes against the Southern Kingdoms still continue to this day.

•        413 EOZ - First Desert War Begins, the Desert Kingdoms spark the war by invading Tugrahda.

Collectively pooling their armies, the Desert Kingdoms launch an invasion into Guardian territory. The Guardians beat them back and invade their territory in retaliation.

•        425 EOZ - First Desert War Ends.

A grievous plague breaks out among the Guardian army.  Left with no choice, the Guardians retreat to their lands for treatment. The Desert Kingdoms do not follow, ending the First Desert War.

•        432 EOZ - The Island of Hrmamarshal rises up from the ocean.

Southern Kingdoms are awed when an island rises up from the ocean. King Hramamarshal is quick to name the island after himself, but the island is inhospitalible and not suitable for settlement, so it is left unoccupied.

•        450 EOZ - Third Elven War Begins, Zether sparks the war by invading Vanziel.

As predicted, Zether sparks a third Elven War. He invades Vanziel with a force of over 100,000 elves, backed up by a new weapon, an army of humans known as 'the Wretched' that numbered over 400,000. It is suggested this army was conscripted from human slaves.

•        456 EOZ - Trimitos Pyrus duels Zether on what is now known as the Plateau of Trimitos. Zether wins, but the actions of Trimitos save Vanziel.

Trimitos Pyrus learns how to cast the ultimate fireball spell. Armed with this spell he challenges Zether to a duel. After five hours Trimitos is killed when an elven archer unexpectedly shoots him from behind.  Zether is left with serious injuries that pull him out of combat and stalls the Elven War, giving Vanizel time to repair its defences.

•        469 EOZ - Wilfordel Ghul-Azay attempts to seize control of the Desert Kingdom of Tazmarta.

In an attempt to reclaim the glory of his family, Wilfordel tries to seize control of Tazmarta with a revolt.  He fails and is locked up, but later manages to escape.  The entire Ghul-Azay family then vanishes completely.

•        470 EOZ - Second Desert War Begins; the Desert Kingdoms spark this war by invading Tugrahda.

In the hope that the Guardians are distracted by the Elven War, the Desert Kingdoms invade Tugrahda, intent on taking it for their own.

•        471 EOZ - Second Desert War Ends.

Breaking through the Desert Kingdom invasion and fighting all the way to the Great Oasis, the Guardians are called back to fight against Zether, but not before arranging a truce with the Desert Kingdoms.

•        480 EOZ - After thirty years of being ravaged by Zether and his elven army, King Lomithar is forced by the Guardians to sign a treaty handing over a significant portion of Vanziel to the Northern World in return for aid.

Thirty years of fighting an elven invasion takes a severe toll on King Lomithar. He is forced to call on the Guardians for aid.  They agree to assist but they demand that in return the snowfield in Eastern Vanziel be given to the Northern World. Vanziel agrees, and Eastern Vanizel becomes the Western Northern World.

•        490 EOZ - Third Elven War Ends, the soothsayers publicly declare that the Fourth Elven War will being in 590 EOZ.

With help for the Guardians, Vanziel manages to push back the elven invasion force. The elves retreat, all the way to Glimmering Point. The Guardians follow them and are slaughtered, resulting in a truce.  The Guardians head back to Tugrahda but not before taking most of the wealth of Vanziel with them.

•        491 EOZ - A giant crypt is discovered under Gwondmont; however, the crypt is reported to be completely empty.

While digging a new burrow under Gwondmont, an enormous  crypt is discovered.  A survey team is sent down, and when they return, they report that the tomb is entirely unoccupied and bereft of treasure, suggesting that the tomb was never used. Wise men suggest that the tomb was built by a long forgotten civilization.

•        495 EOZ - The Minus Elves begin to worship Nerso as a living god.

Zether starts his own religion, one where the elves worship him as a living god who can save them from death.

•        525 EOZ - Vampires are dismissed as myth.

Unable to find any proof that it is possible to become a vampire, the Guardians publicly declare that vampires are merely myths. This does not stop stories of vampires cropping up, none of which, to this day, have been proven as true.

•        545 EOZ - Thur-Linn is formed and becomes part of the Southern Kingdoms.

Necromancer Limird Kallidur settles on the island of Hrmamarhal, bringing with him countless refugees he has brought to safety. Named a hero, he is crowned Dark-King of Thur-Linn, a domain that is recognised as a Southern Kingdom.

•        551 EOZ - Stories of the Legendary Phoenix begin to spread.

After a group of travellers overhear some Elven slavers talking about Zether and his obsession with the Legendary Phoenix, stories of it begin to spread, none of which point to its location.

•        561 EOZ - The Guardians declare war on the Ishmaki in an attempt to find the sword of Tier, founding the Guardian tribes of Gralidart and Melidvor.

Rumours begin spreading that the sword of Tier himself is safeguarded by the Ishmaki. The Guardians demand they hand the sword over. When they deny having it, the Guardians attempt to invade the Ishamki Islands, founding the Guardian states of Gralidart and Melidvor.

•        561.5 EOZ - Six months later, the Guardians are forced to agree to a truce when their naval invasion fails miserably.

The Ishmaki launch a devastating counterattack and seize the ports the Guardians have built. With a naval invasion impossible, the Guardians and the Ishmaki agree to a truce, but the Ishmaki keep their captured ports and the Guardians are still bitter over their failed invasion to this day.

•        590 EOZ - Fourth Elven War Begins; Zether sparks the war by invading Vanziel and the Life Desert.

Zether once again launches his invasion forces after a hundred year break, but Vanziel and the Life Desert had spent the last few years preparing and halt the elves’ progress.

•        620 EOZ - Fourth Elven War Ends, the soothsayers publicly declare that the Fifth Elven War will begin in 720 EOZ.

Thanks to the well organized defence, Zether fails to even take a major city. Disappointed with the lack of progress, Zether orders his men to retreat.  Neither Vanziel nor the Desert Kingdoms seem interested in pursuit, so the Fourth Elven War ends. Soothsayers then publicly declare the Fifth Elven War will begin in a hundred years’ time.

•        627 EOZ - The Ishmaki return control of Salthabour and Meadport to the Guardians.

The Ishmaki decide to return control of Salthabour and Meadport voluntarily to Gralidart and Melidvor. Even though they are restricted from letting the Ishmaki trade with them, the trade embargo is rarely enforced.

•        669 EOZ - Third Desert War begins; the Desert Kingdoms once again spark the war by attack Tugrahda

The Desert Kingdoms, intent on taking the rich Guardian lands, attack Tugrahda.

•        670 EOZ - Fifth Elven War begins. Zether sparks the war fifty years earlier than predicted by invading the Life Desert, Vanziel and the Hemnan Imperia.

In a break from the historical pattern, Zether launches the fifth elven war fifty years ahead of schedule. New to his strategy is a naval invasion fleet, which attacks the Hemnan Imperia from the sea. His invasion force is over 10,000 elves strong backed up by 500,000 wretched warriors.

•        671 EOZ - Third Desert War Ends.

In the wake of the new Fifth Elven War, the Desert Kingdoms ask for peace between themselves and the Guardians. The Guardians accept unconditionally.

•        675 EOZ - Kral is abandoned.

Kral is abandoned after an earthquake strikes. The people flee to either the Desert Kingdoms or the Guardians.

•        678 EOZ - The Vain disappears.

Stories of 'the Vain' begin to stifle. Rumors arise that he tried to put an end to Zether, but was killed himself.

•        680 EOZ - Fifth Elven War ends; the soothsayers publicly declare that the sixth Elven War will begin in 780 EOZ.

Driving the elves all the way back to the gates of the Elven Kingdom, one of the generals of Zether arranges a peace treaty. Too exhausted from fighting for days without rest, the Guardians agree. It is to date the shortest Elven War. Afterward, the soothsayers declare that the break in the hundred year gaps between wars was just a one off occurrence, and that Zether will declare the next elven war in one-hundred years’ time.

•        686 EOZ - A proposal to assassinate Zether is disregarded by the Guardians.

A member of the Guardians asks why the Guardians simply do not get a member of the Guild of Shadows to assassinate Zether before he can begin the next Elven War. The Guardian council dismiss the idea, claiming that Zether will eventually get tired of waging pointless wars with dwindling forces, although, if anything, it seems that Zether has more resources in each Elven War.

•        696 EOZ - The Southern Kingdom of Negzuler conquers its neighbouring Kingdoms of Fallad and Lwardin; King Tarvan Brazvioulolf II names Bauridyr Lenos Gallos as his champion.

After a brutal five year war, King Lukinne Brazvioulolf the Second unites the Southern Kingdoms under one Domain and names Bauridyr Lenos Gallos as both his champion and hero of the Southern Great War. This leaves Negzuler and Thur-Linn as the only remaining Southern Kingdoms.

•        700 EOZ - The Vanziel War begins; the Guardians are contacted by Zether, in return for gold, they will send the Northern World to invade Vanziel.

To the surprise of the Guardians, Zether himself appears in Gwondmont. He offers them wizard-made gold in exchange for the Guardians declaring war and having the Northern World invade Vanziel. The Guardians accept, beginning the Vanziel War.