Legendary Spell: Ultimate Fireball

Said to be the most powerful fire spell. When Nerso discovered the existence of this spell, he recognized the danger it posed and placed seals on the spell. Even if one discovers its existence and tries to imagine it with a magic crystal, the spell will not form unless one fulfills certain conditions. In the third elven war, Trimitos Pyrus managed to unlock the spell and use it bring almost true annihilation to the elven forces. Using this power, he attempted to bring an end of Zether. The Battle resulted in the Plateau of Trimitos and Zether was grievously wounded, but Trimitos did not survive the battle. According to eyewitnesses he was shot in the back unexpectedly by an elven archer.


Magic was long known only as a power elves could use, for they had magical blood, giving them great power yet bringing about their vilification. After Zether was beaten in the First Elven War, he granted the ability to use magic to mankind in exchange for his life. He also revealed some of the history and mysteries of magic, including the name of its discoverer: Nerso. The following are facts provided by Zether.

While magic does exist in the air, it cannot be used in this state. Only when it is absorbed into the blood or drawn into a magic crystal can it be processed and is able to be used. Before the invention of magic crystals, only those with blood that could hold magic, such as the elves, were able to use magic.

Magic Crystals can only be used to cast spells, and Nerso created nearly all known spells. However, some were sealed by him in order to prevent some of the more destructive spells from being cast.

The only other exception to the rule requiring either elven blood or a magic crystal is where there is an embodiment of a magical element. Indeed, since the dawn of the Era of Zether, several people were discovered to have magical talent even though they did not have magical blood, or they did have magical talent, but used a certain kind of magic better than others. For example, Zether is the wizard of light, so even though he already had innate magical abilities brought upon by his elven blood, he had mastery over light magic from the second he learned to control his powers. The Pyrus Family is a family well known for its pyromancy, and the Varlosoar family has held the position of court wizard in several Southern Kingdoms.

Nerso Space

Nerso Space, also known as the Nspace, is a magical dimension that all magic wielders can move through. Nerso created it himself for that very purpose, according to Zether. Moving through the Nerso Space is not easy. Most magical crystals can only warp a maximum of five times before needing a recharge.

Although it is possible to use the Nerso Space to move from one location to another, it is currently impossible to enter the dimension of Nerso Space itself, theoretically because it’s a physical location and it is impossible to warp to somewhere you have never been before. Not many people would want to warp into Nerso Space because it also functions as a prison: sealed inside Nerso Space are the fire demons and other horrors that ravaged the known world until Nerso locked them away. It is believed that Tier Nova ended up locked deep inside the Nerso Space after Nerso defeated him.

While it is unknown what binds them to Nerso Space, it is held that Nerso simply made it impossible for them to teleport out. Despite being unenterable by teleport, there are stories of wizards who teleported through Nerso Space and never appeared again, suggesting it is not truly impossible to accidently enter it and become stranded there.